May 4, 2010

Oops! Parking!!?

Well, yesterday morning we returned back after sending Amma off to India, at New York.. Though we reached home only by 6 am after a night full of driving, we were woken awake by Tanush by 9 am.. Sleepy though we were, we went about the day, which was a good thing to do, since that would put us into routine sooner!

Anyway, so after we woke up and showered and all the etc., we went to drop the rental car at Enterprise rent-a-car.. I followed Manu in our personal car. Well I was a confident driver, until I reached this part - the Parking! I am weak at parking on my right hand side... and there was too little space.. between the two cars on either sides and also behind. I took a few reverses and then settled down to accept that I didn't know how to park on my right side! And this was how I parked!!!! And I also turned on the distress signals!! Well, Manu came out of the office totally confused - 'Why were you parked like this!?'

I hope no one took a snap of that position, me inside the car (I dared not to come out); I hope I don't receive a mail-forward, this time with my picture as the latest addition to 'Why women can't drive a car'!!!

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raena said...

LOL...don't feel bad! I cannot park very well either! I usually just leave that part to my husband,if it's a tight one like this!