Sep 29, 2010

Another oldie - cluttered desk

Posting another old sketch that I made of my cluttered desk... My internet connection has been playing games with my time.. As a mom, there is not much free time that I get, and when I do, I either sketch or try to put up a post.. and if at that time, there is no connection, then it bugs me to the core! My updates are piling up, but I need  a different day with a lot of time at hand to tell you a story...


Anais said...

Fantastic drawing of your desk!
I know what you mean about time when you are a mom...but, what can we do? :)
We're looking forward to reading your story! ;-)

travelingsuep said...

Great drawing.

My internet connection also plays games with my time, I connect and several hours later I realise my evening has disappeared sat in front of it ;/