Aug 8, 2010

Caricature session with Madhavi

Had a wonderful time caricaturing a couple of faces today... Mads selected the face and emotion for me to draw and I selected her model face... See what we did!!
I initially wanted to draw a zombie out of this guy on top right, but he looked too decent to be one.. and you can see that confusion with his hands trying to be superhero and zombie at the same time lol...

I drew the 2 lower faces just because I had finished mine and had some time at hand while Madhavi was working on her drawing.. I have the reference images attached here (from Facial Expressions; A Visual Reference for Artists by Mark Simon).

This is Madhavi's drawing with her reference image.. She did a pen outline too later on, but I didn't take its scan yet... I like what she has done..

And after all of that we tried to figure out how to caricature Steve Carell... I mean, what, in his face makes him him!!

Guess which one was made by whom...!!


Krista Meister said...

haha, great faces, Shalini! What a great idea on how to work on facial expressions.

The Mind of a Virus said...

They are good drawings... some more exaggerations of the features would make them better caricatures!! :)
I liked one of Manu's!!

Gary said...

These are very cool Shalini. Character(-izations) are a pronounced skill. One that I've never learned but have always admired. It really looks like you had a fun day!