Nov 12, 2009

India - Guruvayur Temple

Our more-or-less first stop in India was Trissur. Tanush had his chorunnu / annaprasaanam (first taste of rice) in Guruvayur. In fact Tanush and Unni shared this date.. It was fun to see them both dressed up in little Mundus, sitting on our laps, and tasting the Payasam, Rice, Banana and all..

There is no photography allowed in the temple. Neither is mobile phone allowed.. Well, even if it were, the temple is so crowded that if you keep track of your people, that would be a task on its own. And I was only worried about how Tanush was taking the heat and crowd.. He did enjoy the function, though later on in the next few days, his skin started irritating..

A large uruli (a heavy bottomed vessel) was there near the entrance to the main shrine in the temple and it was filled with bright red manjadikuru seeds (I was told this by Manu later as he saw my diary entry with this drawing.. I thought they were stones). It is said that any person who places his hands in the uruli and ploughs through the seeds three times gets a lot of goodness. Manu said, that it is supposed to make small kids naughty LOL.. Tanush enjoyed it!!!! :) :)

Since there was no way we could photograph any of our precious moments in the temple, I had to remember this scene and come back home and draw this at night.. I colored it only a couple of days back, after I have settled down somewhat in my mom's house.


An Evolving Artist @ said...

Nice little drawing, and from memory! Wow. The red seeds are interesting. I would like to see a close up of what they look like!

Anonymous said...

The perspective is great - lovely sketch.

donna said...

Great sketch. I can't believe it is done from memory.

Alex said...

Fantastic work considering it's done from your memory! I did one like that, but it was a picture of me at the dentist like half a year ago. I didn't post it up my blog because I think it'd be too funny ^^ maybe someday I'll post it up just for fun.
Glad that you're back posting too Linisha ^^ hope to see more from you!

Gary said...

Fascinating sketch Linisha. Drawing from memory is a great exercise.

Ramona Davidson said...

Thank you for sharing this. Now we can participate in your trip and learn some about India. What a lovely picture. You are good artist.