Jul 27, 2009

Tanush - thumbsucking!!

Well, the journal entry also has gotten scanned.. I drew this when Tanush turned 3 months old, on 7th July. But we had to take him to the Urgent Care clinic where I was getting myself checked for flu. He befriended the nurse there and giggled out loudly for the first time! I had never heard him giggle before..

Almost immediately afterwards, he was down with fever and a bit of cough..
(Pssst.. I think we received the whole not-well thingie from daddy Manu... He was down with bronchiatis the first week; which got translated into Pnumonia by the next week! Poor mom, was totally on her toes with us all..)


Jamuna said...

Awesome sketches and notes Shal, Tanush would thank you later for writing them down now :)
Loved all the sketches !!

Naarya said...

Hi Nisha,
This is Brinda here, Harish's wife. Hari recommended I go through your journal and it has been a great 30 mins since I have been here. Your sketches are beautiful and the presentation is very creaive. I am not surprised given that you have a great inspiration such as you son :)
Great work. Love it.

Anonymous said...

What lovely sketches of your baby. Won't he just love them when he is old enough to appreciate them!

Anonymous said...

Your Tanish drawings are precious. Keep it up.
In years to come they will be treasured!
Joan Smith

Laura said...

Your drawing is wonderful. You captured his expression wonderfully and the perfect softness and delicateness of baby hands. My son used to have that same look when sucking on his thumb. He will be beginning kindergarten this fall, and your sketch made me long for his baby days.

Linisha said...

Thank you all...