Mar 3, 2010

Indian Holiday Sketches - Flight

Another sketch in public... This time it was in flight.. Manu was holding Tanush when he slept, so I had my hands free to sketch.. The lady sitting next to Manu tried desperately to peep, but well.. She was too conscious that we would notice her noticing me sketching, and so kept nervously turning back to look ahead (lol I had a nice laugh once we landed, and Manu remarked - 'See, it isn't so scary after all for you to sketch in public; you scare the public away!!')

Finished adding paints, so here it is!!


phthaloblu said...

Great sketches and a great story, too. lol!

Alex said...

Agree with the above. I should do more like this ^^

suzanne cabrera said...

Great story and so true! I find it happening all the time, but had never put it into words. Great sketches too!

freebird said...

What a story! I didn't think drawing someone would intimidate them. I thought they might ask us not to draw them. Nice drawings. I like the color added to them.


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