Sep 16, 2011

Happy Friday!

Have you ever been drawing sick? I am going through that one now! This is the second time I have been drawing sick after the one during my first and only week at School of Planning and Architecture. That time, I knew I had grown sick of drawing because there was suddenly just too much drawing being done, and there was no more relaxed time to to fill up with Math or Science... And that, I thought, was an indication that I wasn't meant to do so much Drawing! I am a Science person, you know?! What a wrong judgement!

After that I realized that I grew sick of almost everything, when I overdid it - either because I needed to (project driven), or because I was hard on myself (like a marathon cleaning..!) Well, everyone did grow sick.. End of the day, anyone who's just been doing one single thing throughout the day, would grow sick of it! I understood that you just had to chill for some time and you could come back to what you were doing with renewed energy! If only I had done this, that time, 12 years back, I would have been an Architect now! Or something related to Art!!!! :)

Well, but until, my sickness goes away, I'll post these old posts here!

Friday meals

Thank God for Friday! I shall eat a Non-Indian meal sometime today.. I always make an International meal for Friday. Either the breakfast, lunch or the dinner (or all three) would be 'International'. I mean non-Indian..
Foliage study by teshionx

Foliage study, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.Here's a Foliage study.. and it is a bad one!! I sat there plein air, trying to figure out how to render this one.. Do you do the background first, or are you supposed to color the foreground? With watercolors, I felt that the dark background should be done after I drew all the delicate leaves.. But it came out like this.. Maybe I just needed to spend some extra time on it!

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freebird said...

I don't think it is bad. This would be a really hard one to do with all those spaces between leaves. Next time just simplify the background to the reddish color, drop in a few bricks instead of all of them and you'll find it easier.

I hadn't thought of getting sick of drawing the way you put it but that is indeed what happens when I overdo things. It's happened when I've signed up for too many classes especially. They all sound so good but when the practice and the projects start to clog up all my time and I'm still not getting done I want to trash everything and quit. It's nice to know it happens to someone else. I need to pay more attention to it happening before it snowballs. Thanks for the insight.