Dec 15, 2011

Mani Thatha


Grandpa, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
This is my Thatha..

.. My first one for 'I remember you'..

I lost Thatha to cancer, when I was still in school. But I still think of him and seek his grace, with the other elders of my family, whenever there is an important day and whenever I say thanks for my life..

Prasanna and I used to think that he resembled Ashok Kumar of Bollywood., but with his sense of humor he would sometimes say that we call him Amzad Khan instead (he was a villain..)!

I remember hot summer days star gazing up on thatha's terrace, with Amma, Appa, Sridhar Mama and Gomathy Chithi, when we had a current failure..! He used to be the stylish grandpa - loved to dress himself up in a blazer, tie, shirt and trousers. His English was lovely though his Hindi was better not spoken about. When he traveled to Russia, I was one proud granddaughter!

I remember you, Thatha... You know I always do...!

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