Jan 6, 2012

I (am forced to) Remember You

I (am forced to) Remember You by teshionx

I (am forced to) Remember You, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
Yes, though I would rather just forget that you exist, I am forced to remember you every day because of the latest sensation that you have stirred up with 'Why This Kolaveri'..

But I decided that I will pay my respects for the other song that you created history in Tamil Film industry with.. Manmatha Rasa! That started a whole string of electrifying dance sequences without which, now, no Tamil movie is complete! This started it all!

Now, the songs are sometimes faster than the dancers can handle! So they wear their costumes and dance their usual speeds and the post production fast forwards the scene so that it matches with the tempo of the song...

But Salute you for this one!

Here is adding ONE more for my sketchbook project!! Isn't it a wonderful study of Black and White composition!? Each frame was a 20 sec sketch! :)


Sangeetha said...

This is awesome Shal!!! To be able to capture a reel in a sketch like this is beyond awesome!!

Shalini said...

Thanks Sangs! It was a fun thing to do!!