Apr 5, 2010

Few more Holiday sketches from India

I didn't get a chance to go through my Sketchbook that was my company in India, after coming back here, until now.. Uploading a few sketches now..

This was in Trissur, my sweetie's home. I had broken my little toe and had been to the hospital that day for an x-ray and dressing-up..

The bookshelf in Chechi's house, after putting Tanush to sleep one of the days, in Bangalore. I intended to color it, but didn't have a chance.

LOL this  was a fun page layout. I had been sketching this street singer one day in Mumbai. Mumbai is definitely a sketcher's paradise. There is always so much going on at any point of the city and at any time of the day. Well, so there was this street singer, always in the same Kurta dhoti singing 'Vasudev aala'. He used to turn up every second day. While drawing him I started to wonder why he had to sing the same song every time he came around, and why the same way of dressing.. It had to be because he could earn some money here, but why would people pay up the person to sing the same song every second day?

A day before starting from Mumbai to go to Betul....

And this is not all!!! I still have a few more sketches to come up..

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