Apr 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Tanush

Yeah.. Tanush is officially now a toddler. Ya time really flies.. Never before in my life have I really felt the impact of this statement!! Now I see, my baby is now a little boy!! God bless him. He keeps me on my toes.. Proof is my dwindling posting of new posts and drawings (if I make them that is..)

Poor guy had his shots today and is still sleeping. Meanwhile I thought I will just go ahead and upload a few sketches of my little one, made a few days ago, while he was still in action.. This is the pre-wash and then the later stages..

I tried sketching him while he was playing too... Agreed, he was totally non-cooperative (what do you expect out of a kiddie who is just learning to move on his own.. and why will he care about you drawing him... 'drawing!? whats that now!?')

And my personal favorite... Tanush and Dad...

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Naarya said...

happy bday tanush! may god bless u :)