Oct 26, 2010

Mixed media art

My first try at mixed media... I am following Tam's Art Heart and Healing classes. I am mainly following it for the mixed media techniques that she's teaching... But the classes have a lovely aesthetic (if I may use the word) feel to them. She makes us do these healing exercises, which involve going deep into introspection.. Though I didn't sign up for that, I am doing them nevertheless, in the spirit of the classes - and it does feel good alright!

The portrait is supposed to represent me!! Well, what was best was that she made it known to us, that when we have to draw a portrait representing us, it doesn't have to look exactly like us!! That was such a huge relief!! Otherwise, I would have gone into my 'Block Chamber' and not for all I know, wouldn't have come up  with this page at all!

The classes are for free - yay!!!! And we are still only on Class 2. You have access to the videos from Class 1 as well, once you sign up for the lessons.. Believe me - it is fun!


travelingsuep said...

A great 1st multimedia artwork. I hope you continue to enjoy the classes and produce new art.

Prema said...

this is neat! there is something different abt this painting of yours as compared to the others..it looks ancient, i guess..or i don't know ..but i really liked it

Alex said...

I love the result of this, it's nice and relaxing to look at.

Tahirih said...

I really like this! I've been pondering getting into more multimedia and more away from the strict realism that I've imposed on myself. I need to have fun! Thanks for your great comments on my Halloween post:)

Shalini said...

Thank you all... Yes, I found it quite interesting the way the whole thing turned out.. I have seen people create lovely pages out of a mix of different things; it was interesting to see that I could make one too.,

Sherry said...

Thanks for your comments on my pages over on Flickr. Your portrait is beautiful, I love your background too.

I also only really joined Tam's group for the art techniques side of things - the healing side of it is all a little too deep for me, although I can see how it is helping some people which is great.

I'm looking forward to making a puppet next!