Oct 5, 2010

Sketches during Molly's Watercolor classes

A few weeks ago I attended Molly Murrah's watercolor 101 -  which was a 5 week free webinar series presented by Creative Live. She is a wonderful artist, I just loved all her examples and the exercises that the classes provided. Creative Live provides some very good webinars. Their live webinar is usually free - you have to enroll for that though. You can buy their recordings later on though, if you miss something of your interest.

Those Fridays were good, when I used to plan well the day before so that I could do my housework and also take care of Tanush's needs, and then try to put him to sleep right through the 2 hr period when the course would be webcast. A couple Fridays were disasters., partially because Tanush wasn't sleepy, and the other times because the picture used to hang and stop every now and then. And then there was our notorious internet connection - a monopoly company which doesn't let us take a different service provider (I feel I shouldn't pay for the past 2 months - there was virtually no net for most of the nicer part of the day!)..

So when the screen used to go blank, or hang, I used to watch my reflection on the screen, or Molly's freeze and sketch that.. These are the pencil sketches 3 of mine and 1 of Molly's.. The rightmost sketch of mine is actually a memory sketch of what I think I look like! I have another one of Molly's that I sketched with pen. I need to scan that and upload it..


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Oh, I recognize Molly; I took that course about six months ago! Great job on the sketches, and for making the best of the situation!