May 5, 2011


Lotso, originally uploaded by teshionx.

We have been losing a lot of our relax time watching 'Heroes' on Netflix.. It's pretty addictive - before we know it, we have would have watched 3 episodes and it would be 2 am!!
Well, I decided to do some 'mindless' painting since the past 3 days and it has been working well... Effective drawing requires that your mind is relaxed and elsewhere instead of wondering why the model's head looks bigger than his tummy.. My mind stays on Heroes and eyes and hand stay on the sketch, and look what I have managed to make!! :) Am impressed!


Sue Pownall said...

Great painting, he's a lovely bear, and a fab way to get away from the screen.

Shalini said...

Very true.. I think I am getting the best of both worlds :)

Thanks Sue