May 26, 2011

A Tight vs Loose painting

Tight painting, originally uploaded by teshionx.
I followed an exercise in, and did this painting. I assumed that tight painting means you pay attention to the minute details and paint every bit possible by you in the time you assign yourself... I took about an hour for this one..

Supposedly loose

I assumed that loose painting means you don't pay attention to the minute details, but just the blobs of colors and paint... This took me 45 mins... But I am convinced that this is still pretty tight!

I'll be drawing one more - trying to be much looser than this... 


Sue Pownall said...

I like both of these, but I have to agree the 2nd one is still tight. Maybe next time only allow 15/20 mins for the loose one?

Shalini said...

Yes Sue... I guess when I think of 15 mins, I end up skipping the exercise.. I have to still get around to painting that loose one!!