Aug 17, 2011

A Day to Ourselves..


Flickr: My first charcoal attempt.. I tried this one as a pre-sketch for a value study. I would like to try out a watercolor of the orchid.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Tanush has his daycare and Manu has taken the day off for his physical examination.. So, barring the physical he has for most of the morning, it's going to be a day with each other. A long time since we had a day to ourselves.. Manu had taken a day off a few weeks ago, when Tanush had his daycare - but that day was to attend to some of our other errands - getting Tanush's documents done and some shipping and shopping errands. And before we knew, the whole day was gone and we were heading towards Tanush's daycare to pick him up.

As far as I can think of, there is really nothing on the plate for tomorrow - yeah, barring that doctor's appointment.. Thinking of that took me back to our days together in Bengaluru (it was Bangalore then). Not the ones immediately after our wedding; the ones when we used to hang out together, but we weren't really a couple yet! Why those? I don't know.. We knew we liked each other - YES, but we wouldn't be talking about it. We would meet up, go to Landmark or some place, where Manu would listen to the samples of his favorite music or something, and I would always be hanging out in the stationary section. Or we would meet up at a juice joint with another common friend Leya.. Or we would be walking up and down in MG Road just yakkety yakking about our work, want-to-studies, common and uncommon friends and the local food.. He was always a movie fan, I was always not! So we wouldn't go to the movies together always. The non-couple couple days!!

We still love to take quick walks - if we get a chance anymore. I don't know what we plan to do for the day - whether we would hit a movie theater together, or spend the day outside - him with his camera and me with my sketchbooks, but I am really excited about tomorrow. 


freebird said...

I hope your day turned out really well and that his physical went well too! Tanush needs a healthy papa!

Shalini said...

Yes..we got the results yesterday and it said that he's good.. A borderline cholesterol, but he could continue without any meds - if he eats well and moves.. :)