Aug 2, 2011

Makes me think...

Makes me think... by teshionx

Makes me think..., a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
... sometimes I go into this mode of "Am I doing anything important!? I am no longer getting a cashcheque home.. at least for sometime more... And I still haven't made a selling of any art piece of mine...Am I not wasting my life away?"

And then I remember - with the current scenario, I can't do much; but with whatever time I have, I do a lot more than many!! :)

Oh, and I like my changed color co-ordinates for my blog.. What do you think!?


freebird said...

I am a homemaker having only worked when my husband couldn't earn enough for some reason or another (like buying a house). I wonder where my value in life is. Then my grandkids get excited because Grandma is coming to visit and one of them is almost 17 so then I know my value! My dogs love me too so I must be doing something right!

Shalini said...

:) thanks freebird.. sometimes this is just what I need to know, and then my day gets better..