Oct 27, 2011


Hairstyles! by teshionx

Hairstyles!, a photo by teshionx on Flickr.
Manu has been growing his hair for a while now. He was trying to imagine what style would suit him the best; if he should go about growing it any further at all.. He was all set to go out for a hair trim and suggestion, when he remembered that there are softwares that sometimes superimpose a hairstyle on your face and suggest what might suit you!

But I know, the softwares out there wouldn't make a good copy of you to suggest hairstyles. And their hairstyles are usually pretty impractical if you don't have the texture that they show you..
So I offered Hubby that I could sketch his face and put some imagined hairstyles on him.. I used the same pose for some time, and then decided to try out a couple more faces... It was a totally creative evening!

1. A fun filled evening of laughter
2. Tanush recognizes all of them as his dad (that's the authenticity certification that I trust!)
3. Manu dropped the idea of going in for a cut, and tried swish swashing his hair at home.. He liked what he made!
4. He sports one of these hairstyles!


Ruca said...

What fun!

Anonymous said...

You are very talented and those are much better pictures than you get with a software program! We both live in Michigan, hope you are enjoying the fall, I am, but not looking forward to winter;)

P.S. Your husband has great hair

Shalini said...

Thank you! I am somehow not looking forward to the winter this time! Usually we would wait for it to snow but this year it is different! Maybe because then my li'l one wouldn't be able to go out more often...