Nov 2, 2011

Plein air painting at the Library

The Auburn Hills Library is a beautiful building .. I have kind of always wanted to paint it, photograph it or something.. This is a plein air painting study of the library that I plan to work on over 3 sittings of about an hour or so.. That is all that I can afford at one time..

So yesterday, after dropping Tanush off to his pre-school, I drove down to the library and parked near the spot where I had parked last week to draw the pencil sketch of the building. I didn't get the same spot, but got space 3 spots away. That was ok.

I painted for 2 hours..
Plein air painting at the Library

Then I was so hungry that I had to drive back home, only to be reminded that I had cooked nothing! So I cooked up a quick oatmeal with fruits and nuts for lunch.. I wasn't very pleased with it though, especially with wanting to eat nothing sweet.. I still have this weird taste in my mouth from the cold and sore throat that I had last entire week. But thank God for the good nutritious food..!

I just hope tomorrow I get the same parking spot as I did last week..


Vicki Holdwick said...

Wow! This is looking really good. I can't wait to see the next part.


Shalini said...

Thanks Vicki! I am just waiting for some sunshine, so I can continue.. Maybe I should have just taken a photograph, but I feel that the photo usually just dulls up the shadows.