Jul 29, 2013


Swe by Linisha

Swe, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.
Yesterday we all went for a family get together at Hosur at Ambi Chithappa's house. He's my mom's uncle but Pras and I like addressing him as if our own uncle and we address his son Aravind as if our first cousin.. Aravind is visiting India for a week and it was so nice to catch up with him after so long. We didn't really get much time to speak with each other but nevertheless. I wish Prabha akka was visiting around this time too.. Would have completed the group.

It was mom's 60th b'day too, which we celebrated at home before we all headed across to Hosur..

I missed my two cousins Swe and Shru.. I missed my granny too this time.. I haven't known a get together where we all spent a good deal of time singing songs where both Swe and Shru were not present.. I'm sure they were deeply missed by the whole crowd there! I'm sure their mom missed them a lot - it was her birthday too!

Deepika made up for their loss through her sweet voice and strong melodies. Harish too added his voice in..

I drew this real quick portrait of Swetha last time we all were together - at her engagement.. I don't think it came bad.. Nah! Not for a 5 min quickie! :) :)


Vicki Holdwick said...

Five minutes?? Are you kidding me?? This is wonderful!!


Shalini said...

No really Vicki! :)
Thank you for visiting and leaving your lovely comment..