Aug 1, 2013

Known Faces

Known Faces by Linisha

Known Faces, a photo by Linisha on Flickr.
What do I do when, at midnight, I have this incredible artist's block and yet can't go to sleep without scribbling a face? I fill up a page with quick faces..

These are quick sketches - the whole page got filled in an hour or so, with the text and the err blue and green lines.. I don't know if the people are recognizable :) but most likely they'll never get to see this picture.

I just kept drawing.. I was tired at one point and you would know when, if you see the person whose face was being drawn at the time. But I kept going. And then I put in those blue and green lines everywhere.. Why? I don't really know! You know the feeling when you are incredibly sleepy or tired and still decide - I'll read just one more page - browse just one more minute - watch TV just 10 more mins - stitch just this one flower - it was like that! When I realized that, I stopped lest I spoil whatever I had drawn!

I went to sleep peacefully way after it was 1 am...

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