Nov 5, 2010

5 minute Faces..

Artist's Block again... I was supposed to work on an assignment.. I was making some good work, and then all my drawings started to look alike! And I just couldn't come up with any more new twists..

So I opened up my Picasa albums, and randomly clicked on people's faces. Drew each face for just 5 mins..
Fast.. My self imposed rules were - no eraser, no looking at the faces to find out if something's missing (you pay too much attention to details, you lose the time to complete the face), no pencil sharpening, no rechecking at the end of each face to see if it really looked like the person.

I liked the exercise.. I am amazed, how much an artist's block can bring out your creativity, if you let it...

Some of you may be able to identify some of the faces (ya, and some are skewed in their angle)... :) :) have fun..


raena said...

Excellent exercise...thanks for the idea! One you only look at the face once and then draw from memory, or do you actually look while drawing? It was the 'no rechecking...' that has me wondering.

Shalini said...

Thanks Raena... It wasn't drawn from memory - I kept glancing back and forth at the photograph, but I didn't give myself the time to see the 'complete' face anytime - I hope I am not too confusing - only the different angles of bends and then draw them in the paper