Nov 25, 2010

500 Faces I have known...

Ok... I've been doing this from some time now... Apart from being a part of Julia Kay's Portrait Party, I have been practicing drawing portraits and caricatures of people whom I have known.. I didn't post them in till now, because I wasn't really sure whether I should.. Caricatures being a delicate subject, may hurt a few of them..

But, since I have so religiously been making it now since the past two months, I would rather post them in and have some critiques on them.. I would love it if you guys could tell me where I could improve (e.g., most of my caricatures still look like a portrait.. I have to work on decreasing the detailing I guess..).

So I am creating the Self Project which I shall call '500 Faces I have known' and shall keep drawing faces that are familiar to me, so that I improve my portrait, caricature and cartoon making skills..
They will have less celebrities though.. The reason..? They have been caricatured one time, one way or another, and I don't want to be influenced by those images when I am caricaturing them.. So maybe here and there, but not much...
Why 'Faces I know'? ..Because then other people who also know them can tell me whether I am on the right track..
Why 500? ..Hmm, I read here that I would have to make some 500 bad caricatures before I am able to really start noticing the subtle things that hide inside an 'ordinary' face.

I start posting here with my own caricature! :) :)


raena said...

Does that say 'bad caricature'? Well, I'm not sure about likeness, but I think it is really good! You have just enough exaggeration in it. I tried caricature long time ago, and getting that exaggeration in was always the difficult part for me. They always ended up looking more like straight portraits!

Shalini said...

Yeah Raena... it says 'Bad' caricature.. I am thinking of making some 500 odd known faces, and leaving it to people to let me know if they do look like the person, and if it is a caricature.. that's why 'Bad' LOL