Nov 10, 2010

Goat Transforming into Cathedral (JKPP)

I'll tell you the conversation inside my head before, during and after this sketch...

-- Now, before I start with my actual work, I think I should warm up..
-- Hmm, let me try out some simple portrait.. Let's go through Julia Kay's page
-- Whichever would be the first photo there, I'm gonna draw that...

And I opened up the discussion page - and the first one was Goat...'s.. I went through the page, thanking somewhat for the one sort-of monochrome photographs - half light half shadow one. Many good portraits, people had sketched of him...

-- Cool, let me try this one...
-- hmm, let me not use the pencil this time.. Something different - let's pick up a ballpoint pen..

After the eyes
-- Wow, this one should be cool... He has selected such a good picture of himself for the portrait

After the nose
-- I guess I should've stuck to pencil - would have been easier to shade on with...

After some more time
-- I guess I should have taken a more normal photograph! This is supposed to be a warm up sketch, damn!!!

After some more time
-- I hope I don't run out of ink!

After still more time
-- I can hear my pen moan..

After the pic got done
-- Ooops! I can hear Tanush - he's up!! So much for a warm up sketch before I get to start on my actual work!!! Now here goes today's productivity!!!

But, I am happy with the sketch!!


Frank said...

I think ball pen looks very effective and you've done a marvelous job. Only trouble with a pen though is that you can't use it at an acute angle to quickly cover large areas of dark I suppose.

Shalini said...

Thanks Frank.. My pen is happy that you could put into words what it had been struggling with while sketching! LOL yes, that's the main problem with ballpen - you have to color the whole area line by line!