Jun 20, 2010

2 Cakes, 1 Pizza, 1 Birthday and 3 Father's Day cards!!!

I gained an year more today! Had a wonderful day.. Well, actually, since yesterday.. It was my star birthday too yesterday! So I had a real looong birthday!! Manu's gifted me a lovely pendant... A kind I've been dreaming of owning, but have never discussed with Manu (so I was actually surprised to see it!!)

Nishanth and Swetha came over yesterday midnight and we had a small cake cutting.. That was actually 2 cakes' cutting!! Swetha had baked a lovely egg less cake, made with dates and walnut... She has an absolutely brilliant hand when it comes to making food... Manu had also brought a cake - a Red Velvet cake.. So we each had a piece each of both the cakes and watched Alice in Wonderland on a DVD... We then finished with the dessert - fruit salad with ice cream... Of course there were some Cheese and Nachos to neutralize all that sweet..!!

Today Madhavi came over with another surprise -  a freshly baked homemade veggie pizza! And.. I cut that too (LOL)... She is one more awesome cook...! Had a nice time with friends and phone calls... and managed a sketch..

Father's Day: Well, there were a couple of Father's Day cards in Manu's pocket (from me... and from Tanush!!) and another Father's Day card in my Dad's email.... But this needs a whole new topic!! And some card scans!! For now - this was what I drew for my Dad... After much consideration about what I should really draw, I gave in to this image that just hung on in my head saying this was one of my fondest memories of my childhood - long relaxed walks with Appa, in the evenings... 

This one's for you Pa... Wishing for your long life and good health... You Rock!!!!


Alex said...

I like these illustrations!
:) I am no expert in Photoshop too, but I use Gimp 2.6 which is totally free as it's a open source program, and Gimp works very similarly with Photoshop... minus the instruction manuals I guess. But I am sure you could get those from the bookstore, which reminds me, that'd be my next book to get =)

Shalini said...

Thanks Alex... I downloaded Gimp... I used to have a version, but I never used that, and sometime while formatting my system, I lost the software and didn't even note it !!

freebird said...

Happy belated birthday! Vegetarian pizza? With or without cheese? My son orders it cheeseless. I am not sure I'd like it that way. Nice pictures. Hope your dad liked his card.