Jun 16, 2010

That's ME!!

Drew Before and After portraits of my face, yesterday... I welcome the change with open arms (though I wanted my hair slightly shorter still... we ladies will never be satisfied... 'cause satisfied means stagnant.. LOL)!!


Janene said...

Your self portraits are very well done. PS The short hair looks good on you!

nanke's stuff said...

Lovely portraits and I really like your new haircut! nancy

Pratyush said...

Hey I never commented here before, but have been a regular nonetheless.

Your new hair cut is neat. The portrait is awesome and your blog rocks!!

travelingsuep said...

Great portraits.

I love the new style.

Naarya said...

great portraits. this is amazing. wish i could draw faces too :( and nice hairdo. i also like short hair cuts :)

freebird said...

Been a while since I've been reading many blogs. Your portraits are wonderful. I like your shorter cut.


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