Jun 8, 2010

Pleasant Surprises

Had an interesting week last week. Had some good pleasant surprises too! Some documented, some not... Some documented with pictures.. Now when I look back I think that the week was nice!
1.. For starters, we were on vacation in Canada, on Monday and Tuesday... So Manu's week began only on Wednesday!

2.. When we reached Quebec, suddenly it was French everywhere! The boards, and signals.. all in French! It was an amazing and interesting thing, that in the same country, by just crossing the borders of a province, you reach a place, where it is a different language (and no English alongside, as a second language either...)! Well, I felt it was interesting!

3.. Prune juice tastes yummy! Do you agree!?

4.. My picture says it!

 5.. A R Rahman is doing his concert in Silverdome, on Jun 19!!! That's like a 5 minute drive from my home!!! And it would have been a great b'day gift for me! And I am not even going for it :( :( :( talk about horrible horrible luck!


7.. My dear dear friend mailed me with a good news! Now 5 of us friends join up the mommy-gang!

8.. This one is in parts:
      a.   I finally found a nail color that looks lovely on my skin tone! I was sure that there is NO TONE in the cosmetic world that will go well with my skin tone - be it lipstick or nailcolor.. And here I find one after so many years!
      b.   My new sandals, don't bite! Relief!!!
      c.   My sketch of my foot looks nice! I wasn't ready for a good one!!


raena said...

Excellent foot!

freebird said...

Great foot!

It would sure make me pause to find all the signs suddenly in a language I didn't know.